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Sharing love & healing at a convalescent home

We had the privilege to share love, life, and healing at an old age home in Johannesburg. Reactions of the residents there ranged from, “You’ve given me something to live for now”, to tears of joy and emotion as an elderly lady is healed and regains life and feeling in her fingers and is once again able to play the piano. (See the video of her playing!) Many were healed, touched, and gained a sense of purpose once again after we were able to spend time with the residents there and share the good news of God’s love for them.

Divine Healing Technician Training – Photos

The Divine Healing Technician Training (DHT) is always a life changing event for those who’ve never heard it before. This time was no exception. Paradigms were shifted from the limitations of man into the “all things are possible” (Mk. 9:23) power and paradigm of God. The Biblical Truth that “believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover” (Mk. 16:18) became a reality to those who decided to take God at His Word and believe. View photos from this training that took place at LIFE Mission in March 2016.

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