Encouraging students to live with destiny, purpose, and God-inspired vision

The world needs leaders of integrity who walk with faith, hope, and love.

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For over 25 years in multiple countries across the world, Warren has been reaching out to students of all ages with a particular passion for high school and university age students.  Whether the situation calls for a personal and interactive Q&A about the meaning of life or answering questions such as “if God exists what about …” – or a carefully crafted multi-media seminar on specific topics, developing repoir and having fun with an engaging and interactive style while bringing soul-searching truth into the mix is what he loves to do.  Seeing the “lights turn on” as students begin to think deeper as they catch the vision that they are extremely valuable and created with a unique, God-given purpose and destiny, is the greatest reward.

Warren challenges young people with the reality of God and His plan for them to be history makers with His supernatural presence, guidance, and unlimited ability to do good and bring transformation to the world.  There truly are no impossibilities for those who believe, and challenging students to lay hold of this truth so they can re-route history is Warren’s passion.

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